so it goes.
so it goes.

so it goes.

QAS/// it's not where you take things from, it's where you take them to.///
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"I really believe that if the political leaders of the world could see their planet from a distance of 100,000 miles their outlook could be fundamentally changed. That all-important border would be invisible, that noisy argument silenced. The tiny globe would continue to turn, serenely ignoring its subdivisions, presenting a unified facade that would cry out for unified understanding, for homogeneous treatment. The earth must become as it appears: blue and white, not capitalist or Communist; blue and white, not rich or poor; blue and white, not envious or envied."

Michael Collins. Apollo 11 astronaut (via purplebuddhaproject)

(via purplebuddhaproject)


(i really like her. it’s a pity she’s already falling apart.)

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